We have officially finished all of this year's transplanting, and are now shifting gears and focusing on harvesting. The weather from late May until now has been nothing short of perfect, and if Mother Nature continues to bestow us with moderate to warm temperatures, we can look forward to an abundant season!

As always, if you have any questions for us regarding any of the crops we grow, please select the email link below. -Ian Teresi

The peppers have all been transplanted successfully from the greenhouse to the fields and they are all developing very well thus far.

Both the green and yellow zucchini/squash are developing well. Harvest should commence by the end of the month.

Like squash, the beans are also developing well. Harvest should begin by the end of the month.

Garlic looks great! We are checking it weekly and counting the "skins." This means that he counts the layers of sheath (or skin) from the outside of the bulb to the clove. Once the garlic grows about 8 layers we stop giving it water and start drying the plant out to prepare it for harvest.