This is the time of year when we begin to see familiar faces around here. Our workers have come back after a long winter break and are ready to hit the fields. We are busy setting up irrigation systems and rushing to get the ground ready! Despite the haste of the season, we always enjoy hearing from you. Please continue sending us your crop-related questions! – Ian Teresi

Both our Organic and Conventional transplants are doing well in the greenhouses. All but 2-3% are left to sew. These late plantings are usually planted as insurance for orders and to help ease the crunch during mid-season when all the fruit is ready at the same time.

Meanwhile, we are busy at work mixing and applying compost on the beds before we make our last pass with our bed shaper. The cover crops are in the process of being mowed and turned under so they are broken down by the time we are ready to plant. Irrigation systems are being pressure checked and trouble shot one last time to ensure all is ready when the transplants are put in the fields.

Beans are starting to germinate now. I expect to see some seedlings very soon.

Both Organic and Conventional Garlic are looking very good. We are cultivating, fertilizing, and watching it grow! This is the time of year when garlic really starts to take off. It’s also the time when the crop really drains the water and nutrients in the ground, so we are keeping close eyes on it.


We are getting ready to harvest Organic Leeks in a few days. We will loosen up the plants with a cultivator, send a crew in there to pull them out of the ground, bin them, and then send them to the plant to be processed.