The month of May is shaping out to be textbook thus far. We’ve had a lot of sunshine and a recent streak of warmer temperatures that are spurring plant growth!

We currently find ourselves quite busy setting up irrigation systems and rushing to get final ground preparations done. Despite the haste of the season, we always enjoy hearing from you. Please continue sending us your crop-related questions by selecting the email link below! – Ian Teresi

We have planted about 30% of our transplants (from the greenhouse) to date, and they are looking great thus far. Green bell pepper harvest commences next month!

We have 3 Organic plantings, and 4 Conventional plantings in the ground and they are developing very well.

Both Organic and Conventional Garlic are looking very good. We are cultivating, fertilizing, and watching it grow! This is the time of year when garlic really starts to take off. It’s also the time when the crop really drains the water and nutrients in the ground, so we are keeping close eyes on it.


We are harvesting beautiful sun-ripened strawberries every day! And, as long as temperatures remain moderate throughout the next few months, we can count on a plentiful season.

Our Organic Raspberries and Blackberries are both doing great! There are swarms of bees working them right now. We have almost completed the staking of the final planting for the 2013 season, and now we just need to keep the crop nice and irrigated so it can form nice fruit. The tricky part is not giving the plants too much or too little water; too much water makes them soft, and too little water makes the fruit hold onto the plant too tightly. It requires very close daily attention in order to produce nice fruit.