All of our winter crops are doing very well. Looking ahead to spring, we're about to begin ground preparations. In appreciation for California's winter rains (and heavy snow pack) that has finally eased our drought, we look ahead to our 2023 planting and harvest season with much enthusiasm.

-Ian Teresi

I have been gathering seed for both our Organic and Conventional Pepper crops, and will be delivering that seed to the greenhouse this week.

Most of our transplants need 55 days in the greenhouse before they are ready to plant. I will be spending a lot of time in these greenhouses monitoring the growth of the plants.

Thus far, both Conventional and Organic Garlic are looking very good. With the nice weather we’ve been experiencing, we were able to get some much needed fertilizer to the conventional fields.

And, the Organic Garlic looks great this year. The new flame weeder we implemented has kept some of the fields cleaner than the conventional ones, and I'm very optimistic about this year's crop!


Leeks are looking good. They are an unusual crop to monitor due to their funny growth spurts. Once planted, they grow very slowly for the first 6 weeks or so. Then, in literally a matter of a week, they shoot up 6 to 8 inches. They continue this pattern throughout their growing season.