The bok choy is in, and we're keeping a close eye on our organic leeks and organic collards (which are both slated for harvest next month).

The planning and preparations for the 2022 organic and conventional pepper crops will occupy much of our time throughout the month of January. After completing the breeding trials last December, we're now in the midst of ordering the seeds and securing greenhouse space.

There's a certain excitement and anticipation that comes with each new growing season, so if you have any questions about our 2022 season, we'd be more than happy to answer them. Please follow the email link below. Happy New Year! – Tim Chiala

The seed selection trials are complete for our domestic peppers such as Jalapenos, Bells, Poblanos, Serranos, Anaheims and others, and we're now in the process of ordering the seed and securing greenhouse space.

In Mexico, Jalapeno harvest will begin later this month.

We began planting both organic and conventional garlic in October and finished early December. Thus far, all of the plantings are cultivating very well.


Organic Leeks have all been planted, and we are currently cultivating and weeding. Thus far, the crop looks great.